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The Pet-Microchip Centre for Ireland


Dedicated to helping owners find their lost pets

We understand just how worrying it can be to lose a pet and that is why we encourage owners to properly identify all their pets, whether it is a dog, cat, rabbit or horse, so that, when found, they can be returned to you as quickly as possible. As a pet owner, you have a legal requirement to ensure that your pet is under your control and that includes proper identification with a suitable collar and tag. In some cases, these can come astray and a microchip is vital as a permanent form of identification that will be in place for life.

IKC-PetData is the largest pet microchip database in Ireland . This is on hand 24 hours a day to authorised bodies such as dog wardens or animal welfare centres, who can scan the chips in found animals and trace their owners via the IKC-PetData database. IKC-PetData provides a wide range of services for owners of microchipped animals. Browse through this site to find out more.

Microchip Decision

The question of microchiping dogs has been under consideration by the Irish Kennel Club for a number of years. The decision of microchipping or tattooing has been the subject of much discussion.

We now feel that the time is right to introduce microchipping as a requirement and have decided that from 1st January 2006 the Irish Kennel Club will require all puppies to be microchipped before application for registration can be considered.

Only authorised users can access the Microchip Data. If you or your society wish to have access to the database, then contact us at:

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